International StartUp Service - an intensive workshop course for you with an international background.


Workshop for international entrepreneurs in Denmark


Plus Consult and are hosting 4 online workshops, combined with individual sparring and guidance before, between and after the 4 workshops.


Plus Consult, Startinfo, Erhvervshus Nordjylland, Business Aalborg, Business Rebild and Iværksætterdanmark present: International Startup Service. Competency training course. Online. 


Get a firm grip on the formalities of how to start a business in Denmark.

In the course we’ll introduce you to all the legal and cultural matters of doing business in

Denmark as well as the foundations of business and entrepreneurship so you can get off to a good start on your Danish entrepreneurial adventure.


The course is for all entrepreneurs in Denmark with another background than Danish. You do not have to be CVR-registered but if you are, your business can’t have been founded before 30/8/2016.


Apart from your time and enthusiasm the course is free of charge.


If you can picture yourself in the following this course is just right for you:

You have another background than Danish i.e. an international student, an expat, a foreign citizen etc. and you want to start or develop your business in Denmark.


Throughout the course we’ll introduce you to:

  • How to start and operate a business in Denmark. We’ll cover essential business topics such as company forms, market and customer analysis and budgetting as well as legal aspects of establishing a Danish company.
  • How you develop your own business plan and act upon it.
  • How to make an invoice, how to handle tax and VAT etc.
  • How to build a website and use search engine optimization, social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram and Google Ads.
  • How you make a great pitch that you can use in the quest to finance your business.


Your guides on the road from good idea to good business are:


Edin Hajder from Plus Consult has advised over 1000 entrepreneurs, and from there has a broad insight into many different business types and models.


Hans Peter Wolsing from has advised more than 3000 entrepreneurs, taught entrepreneurship courses and participated in expert and competence groups with a special focus on entrepreneurship.


Together, they want to help you move forward well on your entrepreneurial adventure.


The workshops are conducted in English as are the individual guidance and follow-up in between workshops 


Workshop days: We hope to be able to offer new workshops in august. 






Startinfo - udbyder også iværksætter workshops under IværksætterDanmark




PlusConsult er erfaren i arbejdet med internationale iværksættere 
IværksætterDanmark udbyder forløb for Internationale Iværksættere 

Business Aalborg -samarbejdspartner for International StartUp workshops 








Erhvervshus Nordjylland - samarbejdspartner for International StartUp workshops






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